May 25, 2010

Living Above the Fray

Welcome to our Home!

It sits high on a hill overlooking a spacious courtyard of green grass, flowering trees, and beautiful gardens.


This is my house, ok yes, it does sit high up on a hill, and I do sometimes have a beautiful garden, but that is where the similarities end.  It is over 100 years old, the pant is peeling...again..., we have a leak in the roof we cannot find, the electrical wiring is original {yikes}, and something is always going wrong (see100 yrs old above).

It is also a house full of LOVE 
and a house full of FAITH 
and a house full of FUN.

Why the comparison?  Because I want our family to Live Above the Fray.  Our society screams of materialism and showmanship.  I live in a white collar, professional, 2-university town where everyone seems to want bigger and better. 
I want contentment.

I want my family to be rich in their faith.  I want my children to know they are worth more than gold to their heavenly Father.  I want my family to be overflowing with kindness and love toward others.  I want my girls to grow strong in the Lord where no storm will topple them, no circumstances will sway them, and no peers will influence them.

Living Above the Fray

a daily dependence on God
trust without understanding
faith beyond measure
richness in blessings

Welcome to our Home that bucket................
the roof leaks.


  1. I love you Cherie!!! :) This was a perfect post! We should all be thinking like that!

  2. Amen! I am completely with you on teaching my children about God and contentment instead of trying to keep up with everybody else. It's so hard sometimes.

    Thanks for encouraging me to continue toward that goal. It's worth it.


  3. Mmm, me too. I want to live above the fray as well!

  4. Love this post!! We are reading the book Radical (by David Platt) as a family right now and this post fits in so well with the premise. We are not called to live the American dream but God's dream!

  5. so good - how we all want that pretty outside house - yet the inside is usually worn down!! We never think of what the inside might look like!

  6. Umm, yes. Me too ... I want my heart and mind to be above the fray. I'm so easily distracted by the inane, unnecessary, and ridiculous. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful post, thanks for the eye-catching message! convicting! :)

  8. Hi Cherie. I just happened to come across your blog today while searching for something else (a little late from the post date) and your words really resonated with me. Although I don't have children yet, it's refreshing to hear someone striving to build the very thing I hope to have some day. Feel free to stop by my place at I look forward to reading more of your posts. -Carolyn


I am so glad you that you stopped by today! What's on your mind?


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