September 24, 2014

A Season of Change

Sometimes you just need to change things up a bit.

And now is that time.

I believe there is a much on this blog to enjoy, read, and maybe even learn from or relate to, so I won't be deleting it.

But I've decided to start a new adventure in blogging by starting fresh.

I hope you'll join me!

Head over to my new place, The Froelich Diaries.

I'll see you there!

September 8, 2014

Texture Tuesday-Happy Sunflowers

Wow it has been a super long time since I have posted here.  I have really missed photography AND playing in photoshop, so sat down to have a little fun.  Oh how I do love sunflowers.  Such a happy flower!

I took advantage of a huge bundle sale over at Design Cuts some time ago and go hundreds of textures to play with.  I used a blue one here, topped with KK Carol to lighten it all up.  Everything looks good in a blue Ball jar, right??


June 25, 2014

Bedroom Makeover

It's been a long time in coming, but I think I am finally done with my bedroom makeover!  I happened across the pattern on a throw that I purchased over a year ago at Gordman's.  It took me a long time to find something to use for curtains and the fabric for some pillows.  I am very happy with how it turned out!

Believe it or not, I'll tell you a little secret, shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but the curtains are actually fabric shower curtains!  I know, right?

I then found the fabric online to make the shams and pillow.  The black comforter came with two black shams, but that was just too much black, so I cut them up to make the small pillow!

I even added a little detail to the lampshades!

Mission accomplished!  It's been a very long time since I have had my sewing machine out.  It was fun!!

June 10, 2014

Texture Tuesday

I played with a new technique to create this half watercolor photo.  Gotta say, it was pretty fun!

June 9, 2014

Backyard Swimming!!

We continued with the expansion of our backyard oasis this weekend with the addition of a swimming pool!  My husband can't pass up a great when he saw this pool on clearance last year for only $100, he didn't even think about it!

So we finally had some time on Saturday to start putting it together.  My apprehension has been high about this project, I must be honest.  I was afraid it was too big and would take up our whole back yard, and most importantly, would block my view of my gardens!!  I admit, I was dragging my feet about setting it up.

These two beauties, however, were an entirely different story!  Oh how excited they were!

So we got started.....

Much to our surprise, it only took about an hour to set up and be ready to add water!  Only 15 hours later, the pool was full!

Let me tell you....that water was FREEZING!  Didn't matter to these girls...nothing could quell their excitement.  A jumped right in!

They enjoyed their first afternoon, despite blue lips and shivers!  I hope we get some warmer days soon to warm up that water!

We are looking forward to lots of fun in our backyard pool!

May 30, 2014

Essentially Summer - An Essential Oils Recipe Series

Next week I am really excited to be a part of a huge blog party!  You won't want to miss this Summer Recipes using Essential Oils series.

I'll have a recipe on Tuesday:  Honey-Lime Chicken Quesadillas!  There will be featured recipes all week long!

Come back and join in on the fun!

May 28, 2014

Bug Bites Be Gone!

I continue to be amazed at the results I am getting using Young Living Essential Oils.  I have been able to use many of them instead of using over-the-counter drugs that have so many warning labels you can't see straight!

Just look at all of the uses these oils have!!  You can easily get rid of all those chemicals taking up space in your medicine cabinet and be able to treat your family 100% naturally with essential oils.

Anna came in the other night with a huge bug bite on her foot.  It had already swelled to the size of a pea and was very itchy.  Just two applications of a couple drops of lavender and within  90 minutes the swelling and itching were completely gone!  You can't get those results with OTC meds!

Take a look at this chart and I think you will be amazed at the incredible uses of essential oils.  You should give them a try!  I know you will be pleased with the results!  Just head over to my Young Living page to learn all about it!

May 27, 2014

A Lovely Long Weekend in the Garden

It has been a GORGEOUS Memorial Day weekend at my house!  After such a horrible winter, summer seems to have finally arrived.  With the 70-80 degree temperatures over the last 10 days or so, I have been working in my yard and garden non-stop and loving every minute of it!

Would you like to see what I have been up to?  Well ok!  Let's take a little tour, shall we?

I am super-duper happy with my new pots from HomeGoods!  I don't like all the drab colors I usually find, so these were a no-brainer when I saw them in  Chicagoland.  I am enjoying my color combo of yellows and oranges.  There is a little blue lobelia thrown in there for some pop!

I converted this cement bird bath into a fairy garden.  I couldn't for the life of me keep it clean enough for the birds!  I'll probably keep adding a few more things as the season goes on, but I am loving my little house and walkway!

The day the gazebo goes up each year is always a happy one for me!  It is my first living room during the summer.  It is nice that Scott wired electricity out there for me last year, and this year for Mother's Day I received a bluetooth speaker within a little end table.  It is awesome!

Believe it or not, I received this little bench as a house warming gift one I bought my very first house over 19 years ago!  It certainly has seen better days, but it is a fine reminder that I can do anything I set my mind to do! (don't look too closely at those weeds shining through!)

These are some new petunias I happened across this weekend.  Sorry I didn't get the name, but I really enjoy them!

The planter box on the garage was planted with these pretty pink impatiens and lobelia.

Every year I am drawn to the beautiful fuchsia.  It is certainly one of my favorites.  Unfortunately they rarely make it through the entire season without me killing it.  They take about a gallon a day of water when they are blooming.  I don't always remember that!!

I also received this new sun shade for Mother's Day that will sit on our patio for some shade from the hot sun.

I added this little bit of decor in the ceiling of the gazebo in the yard.  Can't wait to spend some evenings out here under the lights!

And the hummingbird feeder is ready for business!  I saw my first hummer when I was sitting on the patio on Saturday, so I knew I had better hurry up and get my feeders out!  Can't wait to watch them all summer.

So that's been my weekend!  Throw in a girls sleepover, church, and graduation parties and it was a very full, very fun and relaxing weekend in the garden!!


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