May 28, 2014

Bug Bites Be Gone!

I continue to be amazed at the results I am getting using Young Living Essential Oils.  I have been able to use many of them instead of using over-the-counter drugs that have so many warning labels you can't see straight!

Just look at all of the uses these oils have!!  You can easily get rid of all those chemicals taking up space in your medicine cabinet and be able to treat your family 100% naturally with essential oils.

Anna came in the other night with a huge bug bite on her foot.  It had already swelled to the size of a pea and was very itchy.  Just two applications of a couple drops of lavender and within  90 minutes the swelling and itching were completely gone!  You can't get those results with OTC meds!

Take a look at this chart and I think you will be amazed at the incredible uses of essential oils.  You should give them a try!  I know you will be pleased with the results!  Just head over to my Young Living page to learn all about it!

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