June 9, 2014

Backyard Swimming!!

We continued with the expansion of our backyard oasis this weekend with the addition of a swimming pool!  My husband can't pass up a great deal....so when he saw this pool on clearance last year for only $100, he didn't even think about it!

So we finally had some time on Saturday to start putting it together.  My apprehension has been high about this project, I must be honest.  I was afraid it was too big and would take up our whole back yard, and most importantly, would block my view of my gardens!!  I admit, I was dragging my feet about setting it up.

These two beauties, however, were an entirely different story!  Oh how excited they were!

So we got started.....

Much to our surprise, it only took about an hour to set up and be ready to add water!  Only 15 hours later, the pool was full!

Let me tell you....that water was FREEZING!  Didn't matter to these girls...nothing could quell their excitement.  A jumped right in!

They enjoyed their first afternoon, despite blue lips and shivers!  I hope we get some warmer days soon to warm up that water!

We are looking forward to lots of fun in our backyard pool!

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