September 8, 2014

Texture Tuesday-Happy Sunflowers

Wow it has been a super long time since I have posted here.  I have really missed photography AND playing in photoshop, so sat down to have a little fun.  Oh how I do love sunflowers.  Such a happy flower!

I took advantage of a huge bundle sale over at Design Cuts some time ago and go hundreds of textures to play with.  I used a blue one here, topped with KK Carol to lighten it all up.  Everything looks good in a blue Ball jar, right??



  1. Absolutely! :) especially sunflowers! Simple and lovely.

  2. oh yes... love this so much!
    just happy to see you at TT...

    have a beautiful day.

  3. So pretty! I love those blue bell jars with bright yellow sunflowers - lovely!

  4. Yes, they pretty much do! And sunflowers look good anywhere. I've gotten most of the Design Cut bundles. Wish I had more time to play with them. I do YL too. It's great!

  5. Yes, everything in your image is perfect. Looks like a fine art painting. The blue ball jars are so much fun for containers.

  6. Chère Cherie, what a wonderful bunch of sunflowers you took!
    Sincères salutations, Uwe.


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