December 2, 2010

An Artificial Tree + Spray Paint = Failure!

It seems everyone is showing off their beautiful holiday decor ideas.  I thought I had a good one.....guess not!  See that beautiful little evergreen?  I thought it would be fun to spray paint it a color closer to my living room colors, as you can see represented in my curtains.

I should have left it alone.  Epic Fail!  The copper color made it blend right into the paint on the walls, which is the pumpkin color!  I had it over on my bookcase (see yesterday's post), but it just disappeared into the wall!

It was such a great find at the thrift shop....but I ruined it!  Care to share any of your decorating or spray paint failures?  I'd sure feel better!


  1. Ahem... Do you remember my EPIC painted furniture failure a few months ago?? Way worse than ruining I thrift store tree, I assure you! Lol Maybe you could spray paint it back to a green? Maybe a deeper, rich green?? ;)

  2. Well, I guess I'll have to take your word for it that it was a fail, because it looks kinda neat to me!(Since I can't see it blending in with your walls!) }->

  3. Maybe it is a kitchen tree for you. Not a fail just a change of direction. xx

  4. I took wooden frames out to the yard to spray paint black. Didn't realize the grass would get spray painted too! Hubs came home all confused and my spray paint privileges were revoked!! =(

  5. I agree...I think it looks kinda neat!


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