January 31, 2011

Bible in 90 Days - Weekly Review

As I have been reading this week I have been fascinated by the continued building that goes on in the Old Testament that is of immense grandeur.  Remembering that they do not have modern day machines and tools, I cannot imagine how this was ever done.  I have found myself wondering why God gave such detailed descriptions in I Kings 7, (and later in II Chronicles) of the dimensions and supplies used for the building of the Temple.

I have also been studying along with this book:

 It is broken into books and gives some history behind many of the chapters.  As I was studying for I and II Kings, I came across an article written about the archaeological digs happening in the biblical lost city of Hazor, which is where Solomon's temple was built.  I decided to dig a little deeper and found an amazing website about all kinds of Biblical Archaeology.  It fascinates me that so many details about Old Testament cities and stories are constantly being found under layers of dirt and ash, and thousands of different civilizations.

So back to my question about all those details!  Can you believe as archaeologists have uncovered these hidden cities that they are easier to identify because of the exact measurements given in the Bible?  God knows that we continue to doubt, and these finds are constant reminders of the truth of biblical history.

Just recently information was released about the very first evidence of the City of David.

"The House of David Inscription (also known as the “Tel Dan Inscription”) was discovered in 1994 during excavations at the ancient city of Dan. It is considered by many to be the first reference to the "House of David" discovered outside the biblical text.

The House of David Inscription appears to be a fragment of a victory monument erected by a king of Damascus (Aram) during the 9th century BC, some 250 years after King David’s reign. The fragment specifically mentions victories over a “king of Israel” (probably Joram) and a king of the “House of David” (probably Ahaziah). 

The House of David Inscription (Tel Dan Inscription) currently resides in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem."(source: AllAboutArchaeology.org)

 Is it just me, or does that not just totally ignite your faith?  As we read through the Old Testament, sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in all the tiny details that may seem insignificant in our current times, but you can see how they help prove over and over again that the Bible is true and accurate.  God is ALL ABOUT being in the details!

I hope if you are on this journey with me, that you continue to plow through the Bible and are not giving up.  I am confident that you will be richly blessed by this effort!  I know I have been!!


  1. there is SO MUCH wisdom and truth in His word! how fun to be digging thru it with the B90 community. may God bless your journey and continue to ignite your faith in Him!

  2. Another wonderful summary. Keep up the good work and yes it does ignite my faith. When I look at those ancient sites I ponder the same thing. How...how was it possible without the current machines of our day. Grace and peace.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the info on the archaeological site. I took a quick look at the site and plan to look at it more deeply. Your B90 posts have encouraged me to stick with my B90 reading. Blessings.


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