January 20, 2011

God Listens

As I have read through the Old Testament through the Bible in 90 Days program, one thing that continues to stand out is that God is in the details.  He gives very specific instructions to the Israelites, all the way down to measurements and weights.  He doesn't leave anything to chance.

Wednesday night my daughter K was in a panic because she couldn't find her Young Authors book from last year that she needed to take to school for an example to show.  We both knew that it was in a white copy paper box that had recently come out of the toy room, but no one remembered moving it or storing it.  We searched EVERYWHERE.  Then when Husband got home, he searched EVERYWHERE again.  Needless to say, we were beyond frustrated.

I decided that the best solution was to pray.  God knows everything, so of course He knew exactly where this book was in our house.  Now some would find this silly.  They wouldn't pray about such a small thing, thinking that God is busy taking care of wars and famine and disease.  Yes I agree, He is a busy God, but that doesn't mean He doesn't hear my cry for help, regardless of what I need help with.  So I went up to my room, closed the door and prayed.  I acknowledged that He knew exactly where it was and that He is a God of details, big and small.  I asked Him to bring to my mind where this box was in our house.  I wasn't even done praying when the image of my daughter's closet and a large stack of clothes came to my mind.  I had already searched the closet and commented to her that there was a pile of clothes that she hadn't been wearing.  So I got my flashlight and went back to her closet-by now it was 10:30 pm and she was long asleep.  I dug through that pile of clothes and there buried underneath was the box we were searching for.  The book was inside.

GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.  Never doubt it.  Every word uttered to His ear is heard.  When you pray, the God of the Universe listens.


  1. A wise Godly woman shared that same type of story with me years ago. When she can't find something, she stops and prays and God shows her where it is. We do that here all the time. It reminds us that God is so faithful in the little things of our lives so we can trust him with the big stuff too. He loves us so much!

  2. I have done this several times. God always comes through. No matter how big or small, God comes through. We serve a mighty God!! He listens not matter what we may think!!

  3. God loves to show us those mysteries. We just have to remember to ask!


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