January 14, 2011

Oh No, Not Another Birthday!

"Every woman should have a mirror that reflects her spirit-that's where God brings out her true beauty."

If I could stop it, I would.  I've held my foot against the door of yet another birthday, but it barged right in anyway.  Talk about an unwelcome guest!  I asked it not to come.  But here it is.  Another birthday.  I wish I could tell you I was turning 36 today, just a few years younger than my handsome husband.  But then, I would be lying.  How old am I really?  Oh you dare to ask!  I reserve the right to refuse to answer!

How do we all go so quickly from loving our birthdays when we were young to dreading them?  I think the answer can usually be found in the mirror.  We start seeing less of ourselves and more of our parents!  We soon realize that youth is fleeting.  The wrinkles begin to stack up.  Our vision becomes blurry.  Folds of skin begin to appear in places it shouldn't!

The quote above was on my calendar January 10th, and it has stuck with me.  How true is that?  Wouldn't we have a much better view of ourselves in all areas if we just remember how God thinks of us?  He doesn't care about the skin we are wearing, He just wants to love the soul that is hidden inside.

I remember my Grandmother's hands were one of my favorite features of old age.  Although wrinkled and shrunken, they remained so very soft and gentle.  They depicted wisdom and many years of experiences.  They held her own two children, her three grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren within her lifetime.  They were strength and dignity.

I need to change my focus when I dwell on getting older.  I pray it will be a sweet time of gathering family, witnessing weddings and birthdays, and many vacations.  Despite the wrinkles, I am the same person hiding within this shell of skin, the same soul that God created and loves without boundaries.  Now THAT I can celebrate!


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful friend!! =)

  2. Oh how I love this post as I turn the big 50 in just a couple months and have been struggling with some of these same issues. I absolutely love your last paragraph. Happy Birthday and enjoy each and every moment!

  3. Happy birthday, Cherie! Wishing you a wonderful day and the best ever year!


  4. I love this day as it brought you into my life!

  5. Happy Birthday Cherie! You are a beautiful woman. Your beautiful spirit comes through every time you write. Embrace these years! I am trying to do that as well!

  6. Happiest Birthday (yesterday)! You are beautiful ~ inside AND out! {{hugs}}

  7. Happy Birthday, Cherie! I just "met" you but I already know it's true - you're a beauty...

    I just turned 37 in September and while birthdays have never bothered me much, I have to say that as I near 40...Hmmmm...

    The longer we are here, the longer we get to glorify Him - and you do. :)

    Hope your day was great!


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