January 25, 2011

Reading Choice for Bible in 90 Days

As you know, I am reading through the Bible in 90 days with a group of over 700 people over at Mom's Toolbox.  When I decided to finally take this challenge, I really struggled deciding what Bible I wanted to use for the reading.

My Bible is worn and has notes taken on the pages all the way through.  It is also a study bible, which means it has loads of cross-references and study notes at the bottom of each page.  I have been known to get off on a hunt through scripture by chasing those cross-references, finding wonderful things to study, but then forgetting what got me to that place to begin with!

I honestly thought the official Bible in 90 Days was probably just for a money making idea, and it wouldn't be any different than reading through my own Bible.  I decided to take the chance and found one Ebay, so I ordered it.  I am sure glad I did!

I have found that reading the official Bible for the challenge has the days marked out for me, so that helps me know just how much farther I need to read.  I also like that the typeface is larger, so is a little easier to read.  Because there are very few notes, I can't get lost following all those cross-references, and I have found that I am able to read it more like a novel, which I am really enjoying.

Whatever Bible you choose to read doesn't really matter, just be sure to READ IT!


  1. Love that picture! I love my ESV, so I use ESV. I trust it. Glad you like the "official" challenge Bible!

  2. I was hesitant at first simply because I don't normally like to read the NIV. We are moving across country next month though, so I decided to get the official 90 days Bible for my Kindle. I love it! Its good that I don't have study notes to distract me.

  3. I get so bogged down in notes and references - that I can't read more than a chapter or two normally! I love my 90 Days for this! Large print is definitely a plus too!


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