February 11, 2011

Relief from Cabin Fever

Ya know, there are just so many days a woman can take being stuck at home.  Between the blizzard and the freezing cold temperatures, I have stayed in most days.  But today I just had to get out some, so I headed to the neighborhood Hobby Lobby.  What better place to go to be inspired, take in some pretties, and look forward to spring?

There is always loveliness abounding at that place!  Nothing lifts my spirits like a walk down the garden aisle.

Isn't this pitcher absolutely lovely?

And this sign, "Sunshine on a Stem"....couldn't get any cuter!

Don't ladybugs just make you smile?

 I am also a sucker for anything iron.  I loved everything in this aisle!

And butterflies.  This really doesn't have blue on it, just from the flash, but isn't it lovely?

 I can't say I am a mushroom fan, but I thought these were super cute.  They almost look like they are wood carved.

 These bright colored pinwheels just made me happy!

Birdhouses.  Who doesn't love birdhouses?  They really make me look forward to my Jenny Wren returning each spring to raise her young in the same birdhouse each year.

One of my favorite areas to roam is through the framed art.  They just have the most beautiful things, and because Hobby Lobby is owned by a christian man, they carry lots of faith products.  I could easily find a place in my home for either of these!

Well there you have it.  My nice long hour of browsing Hobby Lobby in an effort to stave off the CABIN FEVER!  Where is your favorite place to window shop?


  1. We don't have a Hobby Lobby here - but we did in Memphis. We have a Joanne's right around the corner from my house and a Joanne's superstore about 30min away. Worth the drive! I leave there one happy momma. Everytime! :)

  2. My girls are ready for spring, and we've only had a Mississippi winter. I can only imagine how you must feel with blizzards, etc. :)

  3. Hobby Lobby needs to pay you for this post! You've made me want to go shop there NOW! ;)

  4. You didn't say you stuck to your budget and left without buying anything!!
    Well? Share with us!

  5. Hobby Lobby is a happy place! It's got good "vibes." (What a great idea to take pics for your blog). They always play such pretty, relaxing music...that's the thing I always notice when I'm there.

  6. I can relate! I hung out at Target today buying a baby shower gift.

  7. I'm with your mom...did you come home with anything? Plus, how dare you go there and not invite me!


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