March 23, 2011

Looking Forward to Summer

The warmer weather has be dreaming of getting back into my garden and spending time with these beauties!  The garden catalogs start arriving and my mind goes crazy imagining the perfect garden just like the ones on the covers of magazines!

It won't be long!  What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. Cool picture! I'm looking forward to the free schedule and travel, but I'm NOT looking forward to the Texas HEAT. :)

  2. WARM WEATHER and NO SNOW!! Just got another 6-10 in. of snow last night. It's hard to even picture warm weather at this point. Keep posting pictures like this it's encouraging that warmer weather HAS to come sometime!! =)

  3. I'm looking forward to the fun of watching my girls enjoy the pool!

  4. Love the picture! I'm looking forward to seeing my plants grow, bar-b-ques, swimming, hiking, camping, and much more. :)

  5. Hello friend! I'm looking forward to warmer weather...with no snow. Picnics & cookouts, camping with our church, seeing neighbors outside once again, and lots of swimming with the kiddos. can't wait!


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