May 24, 2011

Approaching Junior High - Help Me!

How did this happen so quickly?  Wasn't she just two years old, with me sitting outside her door every night to be sure she stayed in bed?  Didn't we just put her blankie away because she was a big girl?  And today she hands me registration information for Junior High!  Eek! Do you hear my shallow breathing? The panic rising?  The hair standing straight up on the back of my neck?  I'm not ready!!!

My mind has been in a tail spin for the last several weeks as I face this reality.
I'm worried.
I'm scared.
I'm panicky. 

Have I taught enough?
Have I talked enough?

I've let these feelings run away with me without surrendering it all to my God, who watches over her every move even when I can't.  She and I have lots to talk about this summer in preparation of this next phase of her life.  And I'll need to be on my knees more than ever!

"Do not be anxious about anything, 
but in everything, 
by prayer and petition, 
present your requests to God."
Philippians 4:6


  1. Talking a little every day helps. When my girls were in junior high, they always wanted to talk just as I was about to slip into bed. I would hear, "mom." and my husband would smile and say, "see you in the morning." It was always worth it.

    Praying for lots of wonderful moments admist the craziness of junior high.


  2. My mom revealed to me later on that when I hit those years she prayed and prayed and prayed for me...prayed that I would get the right teachers, prayed that I would make the right choices, prayed for the people that would come into my life as friends. I have to honestly say that my time as a teen was the better for it. And I always knew that when I needed help or advice, I could go to her, because she kept those lines open whenever I might need them. I believe that with God's help, you and your daughter will come through this period in her life the stronger for it all.


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