May 18, 2011

Building a Trellis out of Found Objects

Since our new vegetable garden has limited space, we decided that we need a trellis for the cucumbers so they can grow up instead of across the ground.  Plus it helps keep the fruit from rotting on the ground when it is ripe.  So I headed out to the garage to see what I could find to make one out of what we have on hand.  Let me just say, my Husband always has a lot "on hand"!

So I found these pieces of wood that had been pulled off of an old futon frame.  Perfect!

As always, I predrilled the holes before placing screws.

After placing the screws on each board, I laid down the tape measure to find center for each board.  Then I predrilled and put another screw in, but only half way in.  This is where I am going to place some string for extra climbing areas for the vines.

Tie a knot at the bottom around the screw, then hold tight and tighten the screw down.

I went up the trellis and did this on each screw, wrapped the rope around and then tightened the screw.

I then had this string all the way up the center.  I am going to do the same thing on each outside piece as well.

Looks good!

I took the trellis out to the garden.  I dug holes up against the drive way so I could bury the poles and also lean them against the concrete for extra support.

I used more of the string to tie it to the fence for extra sturdiness for windy or stormy days.

And there you have it!  Give it a try.  Recycle whatever you can to make things work in the garden.

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