May 10, 2011

Dividing Hostas

Hostas are one of the absolute easiest plants to split when they become too large.  I have several in my front yard that need to be split because they are crowding each other.  Take a look!

I took my shovel and went straight down that vertical line.  Then I inserted the shovel again all around the outside of that chunk to pull it out.

I like to be prepared when I transplant, so I already had a hole dug in the back yard for the chunk I was going to take out of this hosta.  I simply carried my chunk around the house and placed it in the hole.

Be sure to water heavily for the first few days.  It may wilt, but most assuredly will be fine after a few days.  Hostas are very hardy and difficult to kill, so don't be nervous!  If your hostas are really big you can dig up the whole root ball, split it into 3 sections with your shovel and replant them all again.

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