May 20, 2011

Gardening is Back Breaking Work!

Look what I worked on yesterday!  After all the tilling, I let the ground just sit for a few weeks.  I went out frequently to pull out clumps of grass, but for the most part, much of it dried and died on the top of the soil and I just mixed it back in.  So finally a sunny day came around and I was ready to put some plants in the ground!  I chose some perennial verbena in the hopes that it will bloom all summer.  I bought a few daisy starts from a garden sale, I transplanted some milkweed and cosmo starts from our seeds, and transplanted some lambs ear from the backyard garden.  I still need to transplant two roses that will go in this from garden as well.  By back just couldn't take any more!

 I was also working on creating this cute little path off the front steps to my bench.  This is on the north side of our house, so sometimes that dirt stays pretty wet and muddy.  The bricks were saved when our street was torn up about 10 years ago.  They are about 100 years old!  They had been edging this garden area, but not doing a very good job of keeping the grass at bay. (neither was the gardener), so we're going to try something different, but I just had to reuse the bricks.

 I'm getting very excited about my mulch delivery.  I haven't been able to afford mulch for a few years now, and everything is down to dirt, which as you know, means weeds!  I can't wait to get a fresh delivery!!

Doesn't this look like a cozy spot to wait for the kids after school?  Yep, that's where I'll be!!

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