May 11, 2011

My Beach Inspired Mantle

Ever since our Spring Break trip to Florida, my mind keeps wandering back to the beach.  Since I live thousands of miles from any beach, I decided to bring a little of the beach into our living room.

If you'd like to see how I made these photo frames, click here for my recent tutorial.

Several of my items came from the dollar store. They are a great place to find cheap stuff to display or alter. That cute little bird was just $1.00! Have fun creating!


  1. There's no sand ... oh wait, that's because your lame friend hasn't sent you any! SO sorry!!

  2. That turned out soooo cute!!!

  3. Looks just like the beach I go to.....really looks amazing! I love the beach pictures, too. That makes it personal!

  4. Super cute, Cherie! Makes me want to go to the beach this weekend! :)

  5. Looks like I just unlocked the door to the a beach house rental. You did a great job, and better yet on a budget!. Look great.
    Thanks for stopping by, please come again. Have a great evening



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