May 6, 2011

Pairing Spring Bulbs with Perennials

When the tulips are blooming in the spring, it is a great time to look around at your neighbors yards to see what else is blooming that could be paired with the tulips.  This tulip bed in my front yard is looking very lonely, so I headed out on a walk to decide what else I wanted to plant to go along with them.

I hit the jackpot with three of my favorite spring ground covers!

 Creeping Phlox
 Baskets of Gold Alyssum

Candy Tuft

I decided on just the creeping phlox and candy tuft to accompany my tulips.  Of course they are always small when they first go in, but I suspect they will spread quite quickly out there on the north sunny side of the house.

Just remember when you are wondering what is in bloom at any particular time of the year, talk a walk and spy on the neighbors gardens!  Then head straight to your local garden center and ask for the same thing!

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