May 30, 2011

A Visit to Hornbaker's Nursery

This week I had the chance to go to Hornbaker's Nursery in Princeton, Illinois with my Mom and Aunt.  I hadn't been in several years, and just couldn't pass up the chance to go.  They are famous for their hundreds of hostas.  What I love even more is garden area, through a deep ravine, where they have hundreds of varieties planted and labeled so you can see what each looks like when it is mature.  How about a walk through?

 Yes, as far as you can see.....hostas!

What I love about the displays here is that they are all in alphabetical order!  So easy to find if you are looking for something specific.  They even have a printed copy that tells about each hosta, the size and the price.  They are so well organized!

Here were a few of my favorites:

I came home with the El Nino.  I love the blue/grey color and white edges.  It will fit in nicely with my catmint.

But did you think that hostas were all they carried?  Oh no!  They have water garden plants, perennials, garden decor, and fields of lilies and iris.  Check this out!!

The field is full of hundreds of varieties of iris, all in bloom-yes a gardener's dream.  You can walk through the field with an order sheet and when you find something you can't live without, like say 'Twist of Fate' below, then you can pre-order them.  Hornbakers will then dig the iris when they are done blooming and ship them to you!  How cool is that?

Did I mention the gorgeous ponds?

I just love walking through their gardens, down the steps into a beautiful ravine with a creek through it, where they have everything planted.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to make a road trip to Hornbaker's Nursery in Princeton, Illinois.  they are easy to find, just off of I80.  But bring your checkbook, because you are sure to fall in love with something you can't leave without!

I was not compensated in any way for this post, this is just a place I love!

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