June 23, 2011

More Work to the Front Gardens!

I've been working diligently on the front gardens this spring.  The changes are slow in coming, but by the time I am done, I know you will see a big difference!  This is the same bed where the tulips were in the early spring.  While they were still blooming, I planted creeping phlox and candytuft so they could bloom together next spring.

Since then I added three sweet little geraniums to the front.  Grieder's Landscaping has a very nice selection of perennials and they are so reasonably priced!  Bill sent me home with these cute little things...thanks Bill!

I think perennial geraniums(cranesbill) are one of the most under-used plants for the garden!  They enjoy lots of sun, but can take some shade.  Within just a few years by little plants will look like this beautiful specimen!

I've also added a new plant to me called Flax(Linum Perenne).  I couldn't find this plant at any of my local nurseries so I had to mail order it.  I planted three very small plants, but it should grow quickly!

And will eventually look like this!

I think it will be beautiful along the brick path and behind those geraniums!  I think I may add some daisies as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet!

I can't wait to head out to Grieder's this week to order my bulk mulch delivery!  My garden is in deep need of mulch to keep the weeds away!!

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