June 8, 2011

Quality Time with Husband

Husband and I found ourselves with no children home last night.  K is at camp and A was invited to a sleepover.  After a fun night with our small group, we headed home to an empty house.  Funny how relaxing it can be to not have bed time rituals to attend to!

This morning we slept in, snuggled, talked, and generally just hung out together.  No agenda, no kids, no timeframe.  We are spoiled a bit in the summer because of his teaching profession, but I sure love having him around more!

Do you try to carve out some alone time to just hang out together?  I highly recommend it!


  1. We try to, I have been sick for about 8 weeks and my husband has been 'tending' to his 89 year old dad, so we do our best to make time when we can. Hopefully good or better days are ahead of us.

  2. My husband and I haven't had time like that together in a while. There is always one of our four kiddos around. We usually end up leaving the house for a coffee date here and there.


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