July 7, 2011

The Great Moo Poo Experiment 2011 - An Update

Imagine my excitement when I walked out to the garden to find this:

The magic of Moo Poo Tea is at work!  I can't even believe it.  I was so ready to dig these up and throw them out!  Just look at all that new growth.  Not just one tiny spot, but they are all over the place.  I'm gonna have new blooms by the time I get back home from vacation, and I can't wait!

June 24th was the day I posted that I had received my Moo Poo Tea and was beginning my brew time.  I let it steep for 4 days and then began watering about every other day.  That was only TWO weeks ago!!

It won't be long before I am enjoying this beauty for what she was meant to be, my Mardis Gras!

Thank you Annie!  Your Moo Poo is working wonders!

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