August 22, 2011

The Great Moo Poo Tea Experiment - Success!

I never would have believed it.  On June 24th this rose was all but dead.  All sticks, no leaves, dead. And now look at it!  Beautiful!!

If you haven't heard of Moo Poo Tea now is the time to jump online and order.  This stuff is unbelievable.  Annie has been so kind and so attentive to how my roses were doing after I told her about the condition of them at the beginning of the summer.  Just look what her fertilizer has done to my rose only 8 weeks later!

You know  the best thing about it?  Not only does it work, but I don't have to break my back carrying 40 pound bags of manure!  It's just in a bucket of water!

Thank you Annie.  You saved my roses!

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