August 28, 2011

Repurposed Tank Top to Total Cuteness

I was recently reading a friend's blog and happened across a tutorial for the cutest dress made out of a tank top!  Well it just so happened that my girls had received a bag full of clothes from a friend, and guess what we found?  Several tank tops!  Well....we just had to try this tutorial!

It was super easy, and I won't even go over the steps here, since Jenny over at Southern Institute did it so well on her blog. They only thing I did differently was add an additional layer so it is two tiered.   The girls requested they be made shorter for cute tops, so that is what we did here.  But we have more tank tops that we'll make longer into dresses.  For now, I'll just send you over to Jenny's blog to read her steps.

I was feeling so crafty, I even made a headband to match!  I'm linking up with Jenny...go check out all her craftiness!


  1. So cute and it does look very easy. The matching headband finishes it off nicely.

  2. My daughter would love those!! So cute!

  3. Adorable! I have a few cute dresses that are too small for my daughter so I'm going to turn them into skirts.

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