September 9, 2011

31 Days to Clean - One Week Down!

Homemakers Challenge

Wow! It has been quite a week of cleaning and reflecting.  The devotions have been awesome, and I hate to admit, so has the cleaning.  It's not my favorite thing, but it was long over due, so when it is getting done it feels really good.  I've even filled several give-away boxes.

The kitchen is probably my least favorite place to clean because it never stays that way!  It was nice to start out the week with something nice and off the fridge.  It had gotten especially messy recently.  Once everything was taken down, the family was confused by the glaring white reflection in the kitchen!

This is my baking cabinet, and since the kids are in here often, it tends to get a bit unorganized.  I took everything out and started over!
 Ahh. So much better.
 I have wrestled with this pantry since we moved into this house 12 years ago!  It is a strange shape, with tiny shelves on both sides, and the big opening on the bottom.  For years I have looked for a bigger drawer organizer to fit into that space.  I was doing the happy dance in Target the other day when I finally found what I had been looking for....

Oh yeah!  I could FINALLY put all those chip bags into a drawer instead of them littering every single shelf!  This keeps things off the floor as well.  I could then organized all my pastas on the top shelf and reorganize and tidy the rest of the pantry.
 Sarah Mae should be proud of this cabinet....except with all those mugs you'd think we have 10 coffee drinkers in our house instead of just ONE!  Many were sent to the donation box and I was able to clear up one whole shelf of space!
 I was glad I was the only one home during this project!  Sometimes there are just too many opinions!  Many of these items were able to go in the donation pile as well.
 This feels so much nicer!
It's been a busy week, but I am feeling really good about all the progress that I have made.  How about you?


  1. Wow you've done a great job here! I noticed your little baskets in the cabinets and I'm gonna try that. We have very little space in our cupboards and cabinets so it's been hard for me to get things organized. I think a streamlining is in order! Thanks for the inspiration and for all the great pictures.

  2. Great job, Cherie!!!!!!!! It all looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your before and after pics with us!

    And I'm with you...the kitchen is my least favorite because it takes the most work and is the first to go again! So discouraging!


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