October 20, 2011

Please Don't Just Walk Away

What do you see?

Children of the Most High King

the least of these

desperate for love

an angel in disguise?

desperate for respect

Before you turn and walk away, won't you offer some words of encouragement?  a warm meal?  a prayer of comfort?  Because for many living the American "dream", we all could be two paychecks away from the same fate.


  1. Very touching blog post... thank you for the reminder... perhaps we all should keep a bag of 'goodies' in our car, such as a water bottle, granola bar, nuts, etc. for this very moment. (even dog biscuits) My seven year old grandson even added scripture booklets and a new testament to his bag of goodies.

  2. Those are very moving pics. We are going to a training session this weekend for helping the homeless. This is something that our family loves to do.



  3. I always give when I can. Except the time when I saw the sign that said "Why lie? I need beer." I didn't that time.

  4. Beautiful post! I work at a food bank and we remind our volunteers constantly that they could be one moment away from receiving instead of giving.


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