November 14, 2011

Jesus Covers It All

Time has passed quickly for this mother of a 21 year old daughter
in college
on her own
without the need of her mama.

But this mom still needs the comfort of checking in, being able to look her in the eyes
gauge her well being
see her smile
hear her laugh
listen to her heart.

She met me, this beautiful girl of mine, half way between home and college
to share a plate of cheesy fries
and a piece of French Silk pie.

We chatted

I began telling her of those things that are beginning to worry me about my upcoming trip to Haiti-
lack of sleep
early morning rising
barking guard dogs
and noisy middle-of-the-night generators.

And this girl, my girl who I can't convince to go to church
who has walked away
from God for this time....

.....she speaks truth to my heart......

"Maybe God wants you to have to depend on Him for 
absolutely everything 
while you are there, even the little things."

My jaw may have fallen into the french silk pie.

I smile at her, completely amazed
and I wonder at the unexpected avenue that God has chosen to remind me of His 
unfailing love 
and provision of truth.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"
Philippians 4:13

all things

Jesus covers it all


  1. Oh Cherie, I'm in tears. Praying for you ... and for your girl. God is at work!!

  2. I second TL's comment... both praying for you, and excited to see what God is doing in YOU and your sweet daughter!!

  3. Why did I wear mascara today?? God hears mama's prayers!!

  4. Isn't that just the way God works? Love this story! I will be praying for you, as you lean on HIM!

  5. Oh, how awesome!! :) I remember when I went to college that it wasn't until I could stand on my own two feet faith-wise that I really embraced it.

    What a thoughtful daughter you have to take time away from campus to meet you - you must have a special relationship. You are blessed!!


  6. how beautiful is this? how beautiful is our God? He provides in ALL areas of our lives. and yes, isn't it beautiful to see Him at work? when we can take a moment, a breath to step back and look at our situation through a wider lens ... things suddenly start to come into focus.

    love it!

  7. Cheri - chills and tears. What a sweet picture of you two sharing all things ooey and gooey...and then God's grace all over it.

    Love, that you wrote it. Love your sweet words. Praying friend!

  8. Thankful for this. Every piece of it. Thank you for letting us all share in your precious moment.

  9. so beautiful and touching!! I learn more from my children each and every day than many of the most mature and wise adults I know. Thanks for sharing. I'll be praying for your trip!

  10. I SO look forward to these days! I love my babies, but I cannot wait to be friends with them, to enjoy their company over cheese fries. :)

    And, what a treasure to her God speaking to you, through your daughter.

    {Lord, stir Cherie's daughter's heart toward you! Make her heart ache in such a way that will only be filled by you! Holy Spirit, satisfy her soul with your presence!}

  11. Oh, this made me want to hug my girls tight. I'm so not ready for them to grow up.


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