December 22, 2011

Letters from Haiti

Tuesday morning brought much emotion, exhaustion and home-sickness.  I began to question why I thought that I could handle this trip.  How could I think that I could survive 8 days away from my family, my husband?  Why was I putting myself in a situation of emotional turmoil, while already medicated for depression?  My mind and heart were a mess.  I retreated back to my room to listen to some praise music in an effort to bring myself out of this funk.  I reached into my suitcase to retrieve the notebook that Husband had written notes in for me, and as I turned to Tuesday's message, I began to cry all over again:

"Rely on God for all your strength and all your energy.  Let God work and celebrate the challenges."

Why had I doubted?  God had gone before me, knowing when my moment of weakness would occur, and placed these words of encouragement in my hands.  "Let God work" was not meant to be in my strength, but God's. 

It was also a quick reminder that this trip was not about me, but about blessing others with the unfathomable love of Christ.

Our mission saw those we came to serve, serving us with smiles and joy.

 It was about the children who are in desperate need of even the most basic of items.

It was about loving this boy and his parents, who live everyday without electricity, washing clothes by hand, living on one meal a day.

It was about learning JOY from a beautiful young man Casey, an orphan himself, greeting us each and every day with smiles and hugs, working side by side with us as we painted his neighbor's new home.

It was about seeing the incredible hardships that our Haitian friends live with every day.

It was about blessing a family with a home to call their own, their first bed, a table for fellowship, eating and celebrating, and security.

It was about celebrating over 1000 children sponsored and enrolled at the Pillatre Christian Center school, receiving a hot meal every day, learning, reading and writing.

God is doing incredible work through the Haitian Christian Ministries.  And these precious children are receiving the opportunity to change their lives and their country.  Sponsoring one of these beautiful children is only $25 per month.  Would you consider investing in one little life?  You will both be forever changed and blessed!


  1. Ohhh Cherie....thank you so much for sharing this today. Philippians 4:13!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing once again! Love ya!


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