December 13, 2011

Ten Traditions of Christmas - Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

As with many traditions, the evergreen tree's symbol of Christmas started hundreds of years ago in a far away land.  Vikings were said to have found great strength and comfort in the evergreen tree's ability to survive any weather conditions.  They would chop down a tree and bring it into their homes to bring good fortune during those bleak days of winter.

In the seventeenth century a monk from England explained the symbol of the tree to represent the Tree of Life.  He shared with them that the tree that would not die represents the eternal life offered through Jesus Christ.  He likened the triangular shape of the tree, noting the three points stood for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

However, legend has it that Martin Luther was responsible for bringing the evergreen tree into homes and adding lights.  He witnessed the beauty of the light shining through the tree on a walk in his neighborhood, likening it to the light that Christ shines into dark places.  He cut down a tree, brought it into his home and added candles to the branches.  The first lighted Christmas tree was born, and his neighbors followed suit with the tradition.

The tradition did not spread across the United States until well after the Civil War.  It seemed the Christmas Tree was one of the few things that every American could afford.  It is now a universal representation of the Christmas season.

What kind of tree do you put up in your home?  Traditional, formal, childrens, themed?

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  1. We put up a fake one, and I can breathe... so nice to not be sick. Costco had a beautiful large lighted one and we purchased it about three years ago. So easy and no mess.


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