December 16, 2011

Ten Traditions of Christmas - Mistletoe


In ancient times, mistletoe was viewed with awe and was considered a miracle plant.  This strange plant, almost rootless, would survive the worst conditions, in the treetops.  Many believed it sacred, representing life, hope and security.  Because of this legend, many would cut it out of trees to hang on their doorposts or barns to ward off evil spirits.

As the legend grew in popularity, mistletoe became know as the symbol of love, bring everlasting love to whomever might pass under it.  And so couples would stop and kiss under the mistletoe hung in the doorway.

The French were responsible for adding the symbol to the christian Christmas celebrations.  Legend states that a sprig of mistletoe was on the cross that held Jesus at his crucifixion and that it represents the undying love God has for the world, a love that would not die.

Do you hang mistletoe in your home at Christmas time? 

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