March 23, 2012

Noise Bombards Us Daily - 5 Minute Friday


It's everywhere.

Static...constantly hundreds of things competing for our attention.

It makes me anxious.

Recently while on Facebook I realized that my anxiousness rose as I scrolled through all the messages.  So many things were fighting for my attention, wanting me to read, wanting me to participate, wanting me to support, wanting me to 'like', wanting me to follow......

And it all becomes a blur....and I can focus on none of it.


As I have run after all those things that call my attention, one thing gets left behind. God.

Our intentions are always good.  We want to support our friends in their ministries, in their writing, in their campaigns for doing good.  But before we know it, we are buried in it.

Are you feeling buried?

I am.

You may have seen that I've been doing an online study here every week with my friend Natalie.  At the same time, I have been doing that same study at my church.  It has been an amazing journey, partly because it is a Beth Moore study (always awesome), but also because it is something I love.  Digging deeper into scripture, learning the world history, along with the church history, laid down on top of the scriptures is fascinating to me.  Why do I mention this?

Because I've missed it.

Because I so often will read a book or do a study, always with the lens of how I can share it on my blog.  Not always a bad thing.....but I have noticed that it takes away from my ability to really soak it in all for myself.

The world is LOUD!

I feel myself being called to find a quiet place, to listen, to study, to be ALL HIS without distraction.

I'm looking forward to finding that place very soon.  My soul needs it in a desperate way.

(As I quickly wrote these thoughts yesterday, I had no idea it would fit into the writing prompt for 5 Minute Friday.  So I'm linking up for the first time today.)


  1. Cherie--yay--welcome to you! It's nice to 'meet' you. I've been blogging since January of this year and writing for over 20 years. Now being obedient to get the word out there in some way.
    I hear you on the 'loudness' of the world--I so long to be with Jesus and have made it my number one priority (I'm an empty nester and Grandma but work full time) so I have a little more time.

    anyway--yes--listen to that still, small voice. I was SO happy when I closed my computer this morning and listened to the Holy Spirit who said, "Get outside and take a walk. I can talk to you out there. These are wonderful but they're not me."

    God bless as you go forward.
    In Christ, Jody Collins
    Seattle area.

    1. oops! 'these are wonderful PEOPLE' I meant to say (meaning the online blogging believers community.)

      sorry 'bout that.


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