March 8, 2012

Party Anyone?

The house was completely decked out in party attire.  Balloons, streamers, hats for the guests, cake and music.

But I was the only one who attended.


It was a Pity Party.

Who wants to attend one of those, right?  No wonder I was the only one who knocked on the door.  I was the guest of honor, slumped in my chair with my hat all crooked.

Have you been there friend?  Party of one?

Sadly, it's not the only party I have thrown for myself.  I've been here before.  It happens every time I listen to the world's standards.  When I am looking for attention, jumping up and down, hoping someone notices me, standing over here in this corner of the blogosphere.

And after I've had my tantrum, God sends a comment, a tweet, or a sweet Skype conversation to remind me that this is my Father's business I am doing here on this blog, not my own. 

So I sit up straight, wipe the frosting off my chin, take my hat off, and clean up those party favors.  I sit myself back down at my computer and begin typing out my thoughts and feelings again, praying that God will use them to help someone else.  After all, that is why I started this blogging journey....I knew there were others like me who might be encouraged knowing they weren't alone in this difficult, messy life.

So come on, will you join me?  Let's get back to the real party.  The one where God rejoices over us with singing!!  Now that is my kind of party!!


  1. oh friend - if you're waiting for anyone to notice you over here (blog land) we're always ALWAYS going to be disappointed.

    God is pleased with you for being obedient - you do not "need" man's (woman's) praise!

    love you - happy to see that pink little ticky over there -->

    p.s. PLEASE post some more free photos for me to use on the blog. I use yours at The HSV all the time.

    1. I know Stef, and I know better! That just helps me realize that Satan is at work trying to stir up my emotions.

      I sure hope you have that same ticky!!

  2. Yes I agree photos are wonderful to use and I do give you all the credit.
    This post was cute, but please don't have a pity party rejoice and be glad.
    This is the day the Lord has made ... it is a good day.


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