April 19, 2012

Spray Paint to the Rescue.....Again! It's All Over My Front Porch!

When you live on a tight budget, you can't just run out and buy new when a few things start to look a little old and tattered.  So of course, my first go to is always spray paint.

My wicker bench on the front porch has been around for more years than I can count.  Two dogs have taken their tole, claiming it as their lounge.  It needed some sprucing up!

I also have a high cafe table out on the porch that is black.  I really wanted to bring some cohesion to the porch, so I decided to paint that white as well.  Oh that side table?  Yep, it's getting a coat too! (never mind those kids playing four square in the background!)

Ready to see how it all turned out?  Squee, I am so excited to show you!!!

In the summer time, my table and chairs is a great little place for morning devotions and quiet.  I love the early morning light.

The wicker bench could probably use one more coat of paint because that wicker was so dry it just soaked it all up.  At the time, rain was coming, so I had to finish quickly!  A project for another sunny day.

And here it is all together.  A perfect little spot for company, don't you think?  When are you coming over for a visit?


  1. I LOVE IT! :) I am hoping to fine some fun things at yard sales this summer to revamp :)

  2. Love it! What a great porch, it's so inviting - like a mini-retreat! Great job.

  3. I love it too, and would come over to visit if I lived closer. (I am in Oregon)


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