May 9, 2012

Created For Him

ALL things


for HIM.

Don't miss it.  Can you see it?  The detail?  The all knowing Creator, who made the ants, the fleas, the birds, the leaves, the colorful rainbow, the deer, the mosquito, the Elephant, the stars, the mountains, the ONE WHO MADE IT ALL.  

And that same eye and care for detail was taken when He made YOU.  He thought of every freckle, every mannerism, every hair on your head.  He knows you; of your laugh, your fears, your heart, your dreams.  He placed them there for you.

Worship....Worship the ONE who made it all, created it all for Himself, yet invites us to enjoy.  Worship the ONE who knows you, who created you, who LOVES you, every single detail of you!


  1. Nice. I think I'll use that at church on the video screen!

  2. Amazing photo! Thank you for sharing a beautiful verse!
    Blessings & Joys coming your way!
    Pia xx

  3. I love the photo! What a wonderful passage to let my heart dwell on. Thanks so much!

  4. Beautiful, Cherie! Thanks for the reminder to ponder the details :)

  5. Perfect photo, pefect word. Thanks for a great post.


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