June 6, 2012

Mommy & Me Photography Challenge - Week 1

My girls and are excited to see your photos this week!  Feel free to add your URL to the linky below and show us all you've explored this week with your cameras!

For review, here are the guidelines:

  • Take photos from the list in any order, like a scavenger hunt.  
  • Mom, you will share your favorite photos that you took for the week, then you'll share your child's photos.  You can have as many children participate as you would like. 
  • The only rule is, whatever your child chooses to photograph, you must photograph as well!  It will be fun to see each other's perspectives on the same items. (although I forgot this rule for the first week and we didn't get the same photos.....that's ok too!)
Here are just a few things that were on the list:

something pink
from a low angle
someone you love
favorite toy
favorite shoes
best friend
faceless self portrait
black & white

So here are our entries for the week.  I'll start with KK, my 12 year old:

Music: {our piano}

Black & White: {zebras from the St Louis Zoo}

Animal: {our dog, McKinley}

Now from my daughter, A who is 10:

Something that makes her happy:  {Cheez-Its}

Black & White: {a large stuffed horse in her room}

Here is what I love; when I put black & white on the list, I meant a black & white photo, but they both interpreted it as an object that was black and white.

OK-and here are my entries for the week:

Something pink: {peonies}

I took several more photos, but as I sit and write this, my computer is refusing to read my camera card!

So....how about you?  Did you have fun with the kids this week taking photos?  It was fun to watch them work.

How about linking up?


  1. Hi Cherie,

    Will there be a new list coming out for the next week? I think that is something the kids and I will enjoy doing.

    1. Laurie, you can print the list from the link above. It is for the entire month. We'd love to have you participate!

  2. I love your last photo Cherie, so soft beautifully composed.


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