June 13, 2012

Mommy & Me Photography - Week 2

We've been having fun with summer and not much of a schedule, so Wednesday snuck up on me! Here are a couple of our photos for the week.

A took a photo of her winning Monopoly game!

And KK took a photo of our newest family favorite game, Ticket to Ride.  We have played this A LOT lately!

I tried to follow my own rules, so I took a photo of the Monopoly board too......

But this is more my speed:


Want to join us? 

For review, here are the guidelines:

  • Take photos from the list in any order, like a scavenger hunt.  
  • Mom, you will share your favorite photos that you took for the week, then you'll share your child's photos.  You can have as many children participate as you would like. 
  • The only rule is, whatever your child chooses to photograph, you must photograph as well!  It will be fun to see each other's perspectives on the same items. (although I forgot this rule for the first week and we didn't get the same photos.....that's ok too!)
Feel free to link up your blog posts or flickr pages!

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