July 31, 2012

An Old Jalopy for Texture Tuesday - Free & Easy eDition

A few weeks ago when I did a road trip with my friend Kelly, we happened across this beautiful old automobile just waiting for us to take a photo!

I thought it fun to show you the original this week.

I cropped it a bit because I didn't like that big old horse trailer in the background.  I am also addicted to the high pass filter, which just brings so much detail to the photo!  I then added Kim's Stained Paper texture on Hue at 100% opacity.  I added a layer mask to keep the light blue color of the car true.

This was a fun one!

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  1. Hi Cherie love your photo so my colour and texture
    Thanks for commenting on my blog I hope you visit again.....

  2. Beautiful transition. I'm so jealous!

  3. This is an absolutely amazing photograph, the textured photo speaks volumes for your great work. Really a fantastic work done on you original. The colors are absolutely full of energy and vigor.

  4. Love it when I happen upon an old rusty car, what a great find Love the texture work!!

  5. I love old junkers too - wonderful images and your editing is just right!

  6. fantastic capture
    and your rendering is great!


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