July 10, 2012

He Loves Me - Texture Tuesday

With the extreme heat, it has been hard to catch a daisy that hasn't wilted and crumpled before I can even get out there to pick it!  I got lucky with this little jewel the other day, and I snapped several photos.  I decided that I am going to start trying to show my original photo, because I love seeing the before and after shots of so many of your photos.  So here is what I started with.

I added several adjustments layers, a high pass filter on overlay at 100%, a blue color fill, a pattern overlay, several layer masks, and Kim's 'PlasterSquared' texture on multiply at 50%.

A daisy always reminds me of the famous, "He loves me, He loves me not" little diddy, and when I think of that, I always am reminded how much God loves me....and the best news is, there is no "He loves me not" because He only loves!

I'm off on a photography road trip today  with a girlfriend and I hope to return with lots of new photos to edit!!

Enjoy Texture Tuesday!



  1. I remember that as a teenager I did the He loves me... he loves me not with the petals of a daisy. Sweet memories:)

    Love your photo editing and I'm looking forward to see the new photos you gathered on your road trip.


  2. Great edit to a great original photo. I like that you showed both.

  3. Wonderful processing - looks awesome and luv the message!

  4. What a beautiful transformation!! The verse goes perfectly with the processing and daisy.

  5. Lovely! thank you for visiting my blog!


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