January 12, 2009

Awesome Devotions

Frances J. Roberts is a favorite author of mine. She writes devotions as though God were speaking directly to me. I really need that sometimes. She usually chooses a bible verse and then expands on how God might deliver that message if he were speaking to you. Here is an example based on the verse Genesis 1:31:

"I make no idle strokes. What I do is never haphazard. I am never merely mixing colors out of casual curiosity. My every move is one of vital creativity and every stroke is part of the whole. Never be dismayed by apparent incongruity. Never be alarmed by a sudden dash of color seemingly out of context. Say only to your questioning heart, "It is the Infinited wielding His brush; I know He does all things well.""

Doesn't that make perfect sense? We marvel at beautiful sunsets and amazing gardens but sometimes forget who is behind the paintbrush! Watch for something today that you can see God's creativity in and praise Him!

My friend Kelly captured this beautiful sunset as a testimony to God's creativeness. See more of her beautiful sunsets at http://amazinggrace19.shutterfly.com/120

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