November 5, 2009

Too busy.....

As I continue to reflect on my convicted heart about selfish desires, it occurs to me that sometimes those desires are not always what we expect. They aren't always going to look "sinful". In and of themselves, they aren't sins. They are activities, hobbies and commitments that are sometimes very good. When they turn sinful is when they interfere with what God has in store for us as a wife and mother. It is when I neglect my duties at home because I was volunteering somewhere else. It is when I don't spend time with my husband because I am scrapbooking, beading, sewing, designing or crafting. It is when my kids want to play but I would rather continue watching my favorite TV series. I have sinned when I ignore the calls of my Savior to seek him in quiet because I am too busy serving elsewhere.

Satan can sting by keeping us busy. Too busy for bible study. Too busy to pray. Too busy to have a quiet day at home in reflection. Too busy with activities. Too busy to cook family meals. He will stop at nothing to distract us from fulfilling our God appointed work in our homes. And we miss out on so much. We miss our Lord's quiet whispers to our souls. We miss out on blessings He has for us because we are doing things our way. We miss out on "once in a lifetime moments" with our families.

These are the selfish desires I must kill within my soul. From the outside world, they may look like good things, harmless things. But I know deep within my heart that I must strive to serve only Him and my Family first. I still have some work to do.

Thank you Lord for continuing to place before me reminders of Your desires for my time and energies.


  1. You can now add writing as one of your gifts. Thank you for reminding me of the dangers of being too busy. Love and miss you.

  2. Thanks Girlfriend! I really appreciate your support.

  3. Just had a conversation with a sweet friend about this very thing last night--- it is easy for me to get caught up in serving others to the detriment of serving my family.

    I have been working on this a lot these past few months, and the fruit borne in my relationship with my husband and children has been beautiful. They know they are my top priority after God, and that they come before all my desires to write and teach and help and love.

    And interestingly enough, my kids especially are developing a passion for serving others WITH me.

    Keep pressing forward!



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