December 10, 2009

Advent Calendar

I have always enjoyed the idea of an Advent Calendar, but was never crazy about just the hidden candies.  That didn't have much meaning.  I had been doing some web surfing looking for something else we could do as a family that would have more significance and I found a homeschool lesson on the names of Jesus.

A friend of mine made this Advent Calendar for me a few years ago, so I decided to make my own tags with the names of Jesus and the scripture reference. (click on tags and you can download them and use as you wish)

I then folded them and placed one in each day of the calendar.  Since this hangs in my kitchen, it is a great little devotion to do before dinner. Enjoy!


  1. Oh bummer. I posted a long post and then lost it when I signed up for a google account. Oh well. :) LOVE your blog, love the colors and it pops out when you get here. Have you ever thought of making your calendars and cards Cherie? Your talent never ceases to amaze me and the fact that you follow the Lord's leading and use those talents. It is one thing to have talent; it is another to use them where He calls and leads. Thank you for sharing all the talents HE has given you. Love ya girl! Meeshia

  2. Hey, I wanted to ask, are you linked to the Hearts blogs? If not, you need to be. Especially so I will know how to get back here. lol

  3. Thank you Meeshia! I really needed that encouragement. I have lots of ideas and just need to find the time to implement them. Hope you'll keep checking back! Miss seeing you!

  4. Hi Cherie,
    I am the first to sign up as a follower of your blog! I feel so honored. I am excited to read all of your insight and wisdom and look forward to being encouraged. Love you!

  5. Hi there! I love your blog. I'm going to look into the scripture memorization link. I love that idea! Hey...I just posted how the Room Time is going. It's going great! And I have not had to worry about crabbiness because they actually go to sleep. :) It's amazing and I think...why didn't I know about this sooner. Anyways...I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog.


  6. Cherie, I've heard so many things good about AWANA. Scripture memorization... After dinner I can't wait to get back and look at this Advent idea, names of God! I am so excited. That looks amazing. Thanks for stopping by and 'following'. I'm so thankful for the blogosphere, where I meet such wonderful women, trying to serve God, keeping Him at the focus of their lives. Have a super evening & I'll be stopping by later!

  7. What a great idea! We are trying to do a picture of the Nativity scene to count down the days to Christmas, but we always don't add to it each day so this is something to keep in mind for next year!


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