December 23, 2009

Motherhood: The toughest job you'll ever love!

I've been involved in a great discussion over at Sarah Mae's about intentional motherhood.  In short, those involved in the discussion confirmed that  most of us were never given the tools and training we needed for the profession of motherhood.  We were either left in the dark about this position, or we were trained for something else, like a career.
I've been involved with an organization for many years called Hearts at Home that encourages, equips, and trains women in the Profession of Motherhood.  They hold conferences each year that have tons of workshops to choose from that address everything you an imagine about raising a family.  They have tremendous resources:  website, blog, newsletters, books, e-community, etc. that can keep encouraging us all on a daily basis to continue learning and applying biblical truths about raising a family and keeping a home.

My favorite book by Jill Savage, Founder and Executive Director of Hearts at Home, is My Heart's at Home.  This is a book that defines what it means to create a home that is a safe, secure, loving and educational.  This is just one book of many at Hearts at Home that can help you on your motherhood journey. 

My absolute favorite thing is the Hearts at Home National Conference held in Normal, Illinois in March each year.  Thousands of moms all come together to learn and be inspired on their journey of motherhood.  If you are able to come, you won't be disappointed!  You could even meet up with me!

Leave me a comment, have you ever attended this event?  What did you think? 

Join us over at Sarah Mae's for more discussion and other great resources to help train us all as Mothers.

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