July 8, 2010

Morning Quiet

Several weeks ago I committed to getting up early (for me about 7:30) to spend time reading my bible and concentrating on some very specific prayer.  This is my new quiet place.  A beautiful spot in the mornings on my back patio enjoying the new day with the birds praising with me.

I am so glad that I have stuck with this commitment.  My intent was to create this new habit through the summer when I didn't have to get up quite as early as I do during the school year.  Then once school started in the fall, I wouldn't have a hard time getting up a tad earlier.

I thought the discipline of getting up earlier than everyone else would be hard, so I have been covering it in prayer.  God has been faithful and I am absolutely loving this time with him.  Some mornings I have even woken before the alarm clock!  That is totally a God thing!


  1. How wonderful! He IS faithful!!! I love your Quiet Time spot. I never even thought to take mine outside now that the weather is warm. I'm going to try that :)

  2. What a lovely place, time and way to find Him. Thank you for reminding us of these quiet morning gifts.

  3. will you come kick me out of bed please?! I'd love to join you!!


  4. Would you kick me out of bed to. A wonderful idea I may try this myself. Xxx

  5. I love your quiet spot, so peaceful. God is so faithful to meet us when we take that time to be with Him.


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