November 9, 2010

The Ever Grateful Collection from Dayspring is my FAVE!

I am totally in love with Dayspring right now!  They have the most gorgeous place settings I have ever seen!  This new collection is called Ever Grateful that is so very timely for our Thanksgiving season.  Just look at these pieces I recently received from them:

The inside of the bowl and around the yellow plate  is inscribed with the words "grateful for simple blessings".

I love that the color of this collection can go with any kitchen decor and the styling is timeless!  I have searched high and low for place settings that I true can fall in love with, and this is it!

In this month of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for companies like Dayspring who are helping us finding ways to grace our homes with scripture and reminders of God's eternal blessings!


  1. Those are STUNNING. Do you know where they can be purchased?

  2. Wow, i so love these. We are so lacking in the UK for things like this. I know we can order offline but postage really adds the price, i think i need to move over there. xx


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