February 26, 2011

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

 K wanted to make tissue paper flowers, so of course, we Googled it!  Thought we'd share how easy they are to make!
 Lay out 6-8 pieces of tissue, being sure they are the same size and lined up correctly.
 Fold with 1 inch accordian folds, trimming any uneven tissue at the end.
 In the center, either use a bread tie or a piece of floral wire to secure.  Trim both ends either to a point or rounded for the ends of the petals.
 Then slowly and carefully as the tissue tears easily, begin separating all the layers and spreading them out to make a circle.
After they are all unfolded, scrunch with your hands to get a wrinkly look.
Super easy!  This would be a nice cheap craft to do at a birthday party!  K wants to attach them to her bulletin board in her room.  I got a package of  30 sheets of tissue at the Dollar Store, and a set of 32 pipecleaners.


  1. Very beautiful! We have a tradition of making paper flowers to decorate the hall for the weddings in my family. I even made for my own.. of course that was 21 years ago, we haven't had one since.. not sure I remember how we did it now!
    Thanks for the great tutorial! My 14 year old is really into craft and will love this!

    Love & Blessings

  2. I love it! It kinda has a vintage vibe! I will make these some time for one of our ladies tea partys! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cute! I have a houseful who would love making these! Thanks!


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