April 11, 2011

The Book of Acts - First Problem in the Church

Acts 6:1-7

Well we all know it was inevitable. Once you gather that many people in one place, there are going to be problems!  It is thought that by this time in the book of Acts the first church had grown to somewhere around 20,000 people!  Now THAT is a megachurch!

So we are introduced to the first problem in the early church in verse 1.  We have a disagreement between the Grecian Jews and the Hebraic Jews.  What is the difference?  The Hebraic Jews were those born into it, most likely in Palestine, very authentic.  The Grecian Jews were those living in other areas, most likely speaking many different languages, who came into the faith.  They  are worried their widows are not getting their fair share of the daily ration of food.

Paul first reminds the apostles that they must keep doing what they are doing and do it well!  Preaching the gospel.  They didn't panic and all try to attack this problem on their own.  In verse 3, we see the first delegation of responsibility.  They decide to choose seven men who are well suited for this task, taking into account their spiritual gifts, and they turn over this responsibility to them.  These were men who were qualified through wisdom and the fullness of the spirit to lead this ministry.

This action then enabled the apostles to continue preaching, and we see in verse 7 that the "word of God spread".

It is disturbing that in our culture churches are splitting over the decision of what color the carpet should be in the sanctuary or what kind of music should be played.  Let's concentrate on spreading the word of God instead!

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