April 8, 2011

My Spring Mantle

I decided to "Spring Up" my mantle yesterday.  It really brought a fresh look to the living room!

Most of the items were already in my house, and I just chose a color and gathered them all together.  I had just bought myself daisies for $5 the other day, so they were a perfect start.  They last a couple weeks if you buy them when the centers are still green.  I spent a few bucks at the dollar store for the white candles and glass jars.  The pretty little angel reading her bible was from there too!  I hunted a forsythia bush that I could cut a few branches from.  I just love that touch of yellow.

Have you added any spring to your decor?  Share a link with us!


  1. I hope this isn't because I've been sending you POOL SIDE text photos! (giggle)

    love you girl!

  2. This looks great! I love daisies:)

  3. I updated our mantle this week too. I should post pics. It feels so good to finally bring a bit of spring inside! I do need to hunt down some forsythia though! It looks great!

  4. How about coming to my house to decorate!

  5. It looks really pretty! The contrast of the yellow in the flowers and the white is very nice.

  6. Designer, Alexandra Stoddard, says, "Every room needs some yellow." This is a perfect example of that. Lovely work.


  7. I love the angel. So pretty xx


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