April 19, 2011

Building Your Own Hot House

Spring has finally arrived in my Illinois garden!  The plants are popping through the soil and the weeds are already going crazy!  I lost a lot of plants last year, so I have to replenish some bare spots this year.  The cost of perennials continues to rise, just like everything else in our economy.  This year I decided to make my own hot house so that I can buy some much younger plants, which means cheaper, and give them a quick start.

We had replaced some bedroom windows last fall and the old windows were still sitting by the trash.  (I think Husband was having a hard time throwing them away!)  So I decided to upcycle them for my hot house!

I started by assembling my pieces and tools.  I needed long screws to go through both windows, my drill, drill bits, and screw heads.

I pre-drilled the holes for the screws.  Always choose a bit just a tiny bit smaller than your screws so they can grip the wood.
 Before assembling the windows, I placed the screws in all the holes until they were just peaking through the other side.  Since I was doing this by myself, I wanted the screws in place when I was ready to assemble.
 I lined up my windows out on the patio and began screwing the corners together.
 And voila!
As I was looking for the appropriate screws in my husband's workshop, I found this PERFECT top to fit the hot house--even though I had no idea what it was supposed to be!  Husband says it is a big screen TV protector, which we don't have!

Since the weather is not cooperating in Central Illinois, I am really glad this came together.  I bought a couple tomato plants and a tomatio last week at WalMart.  They've been growing like crazy in the kitchen window, so that is what is in the green pot.  I'll transplant them as soon as it is warm enough here.  Cleome is an annual that I just love and if I don't buy it very early in the season, they are gone from the garden centers, so a couple of those are in there as well.

This is such a simple project.  Spring is always a time when people are replacing their windows, so keep your eyes open on the curb for thrown out windows!

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