June 27, 2011

The Book of Acts and a new Resource

One of the great ways to learn and grow as a family is to study God's word together.  As we've been going through the Book of Acts, I recently discovered a website that I want to share with you. 

Scripture Adventures has all kinds of great curriculum for kids to learn the Bible, and its not just for homeschoolers!   They not only have theme studies, but also Old and New Testament studies.  What got my attention was their study on Acts!  They graciously sent me a copy to reviews(its an ebook and was super easy to download), and I absolutely love it!  This book is full of so much information, including maps, charts, and history!  Each chapter guides your child through not only the chapter of Acts, but also the history behind it, as well as cross references and character studies.  I've learned a ton myself!

This is a terrific companion for our study here on Acts and is a great way to involve the whole family.  Go cruise around their website and check out all their great resources.  You'll even find a few freebies!

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