June 13, 2011

The Book of Acts

Acts 20:13-35
Paul's Sermon to the Ephesian Elders

Paul has been on this journey for three years and he is ready to head back to Jerusalem.  He is bidding a final goodbye to the elders, convinced he will never see them again.  After three years of teaching, his message has been heard.  Now he encourages them to live it! 

He holds up his own life as a testament to living for Christ and asking nothing in return.  He lived for Christ knowing that as he returned to Jerusalem, he would certainly be put back in prison and that many hardships were to face him once again.

Through it all his message is simple:  Hold Nothing Back.  
And I am convicted.

Do I serve as if owned by the Master? (v19)
Do I hesitate to speak truth no matter what? (v20)
Do I proclaim the will of God? (v27)

If you are a believer, your life is your sermon.  Paul taught thousands of sermons, but it was the way he lived his life that spoke even louder.

So for my life to speak volumes, I must keep watch over the small things that separate me from the world.  I must be on my guard and not become complacent against those who wish to distort the truth.  I must commit to God and grow in his Word as to not be caught off guard.

Are you writing a sermon with your life?  Finish the race, Christian, and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given you, testifying to the gospel of God's grace! (v24)

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